Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Camus and Soccer

An interesting story on combining sport and philosophy, "Marrying Football and Philosophy".


Carl Thomen said...

Thanks Mike. This is of huge interest to me, as I just presented a paper called “Playing like it doesn’t matter” at the Rhodes University Spring Colloquium. In the paper I present two alternative answers to the questions (i) Why should we compete and (ii) How should we compete, as I feel the standardized answers provided by professional sport (to win, and in any way which helps me win) not only miss the point of sport, but also lead to negative consequences for sport. The first answer concerns self-knowledge and self-affirmation, and the idea of the abstracted world of sport offering us a place to experience life’s lessons and learn values which we can apply in life proper. So I’m excited to learn of a school which is using sport as a means to teach. I think the idea has massive potential.

Mike Austin said...

I'm sympathetic to the points you raise. It sounds like an interesting paper. I have a paper coming out in the Journal of Applied Philosophy. A draft of it is posted at this link, fourth on the list:

You might find it of interest. If you read it, let me know your thoughts.