Friday, March 20, 2009

And now, winning is all about winning.

Well done the FIA. The decision to decide the F1 world champion on race wins is fantastic. But why? If, for instance, Felipe Massa wins the first nine races, the season is over. Who would pay to watch F1 after that? Would anyone care who comes second? Firstly, I submit that anyone who wins the first nine races of the season deserves the chance to kick back and watch the losers scrap for second. That type of performance merits a crown. And why could the competition for second not be even more intense and just as good for the spectators? Come the end of the football season here in Britain, the drama of the relegation scrap often overshadows what’s going on in the top half of the table, especially if it’s your team that’s facing the drop. There are also Champions League and UEFA Cup spots up for grabs, and this keeps everyone interested. The fact that F1 does not have similar incentives is surely something that is easily fixed? Secondly, I hope I’m not getting overexcited here, but can you imagine the seat-of-the-pants racing we might be privy to when the season kicks off in three weeks time? All the big names going all out to win, week after week…new tactics, more pressure and, surely, more drama. Can you imagine two, or three, or even four drivers all needing to win the last race to be world champion? As someone who up until now has only occasionally watched F1, I can’t wait…but I wonder what the proper fans think?


Carl Thomen said...

And then they scrapped it (or "deferred until 2010") and decided to use points again. Sigh.

gaohui said...

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