Monday, February 15, 2010

Gender testing in sport... again...

Ian O'Reilly gives an informative and interesting commentary on developments following a symposium in Miami last month whereby it was suggested that those with 'gender ambiguities' undergo surgery if they are to continue to participate in female sporting competitions.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting piece.

This is somewhat off the point, but is irritating me, none the less.

Are gender roles a myth? obviously not, I think it can relate to the Semanya case, the view of some was 'If she thinks she's a woman, and she's been living as a woman for her entire life, then what's stopping her?'

With that in mind do you think biology is enough to separate men & woman into categories, that ultimately restrict and enable them to do different things? And finally do you think that in the boundaries of the set gender roles will crumble at all, narrowing the differences between men and woman?