Monday, December 27, 2010

Ladies Football League?

Although I'm a Brit, I do enjoy watching American Football and have wondered about the possibility of having the opportunity to play it myself one day; but not if this is the outcome:

No, the L doesn't stand for 'Ladies' but rather 'Lingerie'. Can someone tell me if this is really serious or someone's (I am presuming a man here) idea of a joke? Indeed, when one of the rules is that all players must wear low cut bra and short briefs, one wonders whether there is any point in having the helmets and shoulder pads if the rest of the body is open for contact.

The controversy raised from the clothing regulations for beach volleyball is one thing but this really takes the biscuit.

For me the issue is about the part that clothing plays in sport. Surely it should be for the benefit of the player not for the benefit of the spectators. If someone asked me to play rugby in similar attire I certainly wouldn't think that they are interested in my athletic skill and ability. And on the basis that these women are selected for their physique not their ability to play football, it makes a mockery of the game itself. And reflects a sad state of affairs if this is the only way that women's sport becomes viable as entertainment.


David Parker said...

Unfortunately this is for real, but the fact that the league's administrative offices are in Hollywood might help explain whether it should be viewed as a sport or a spectacle.

Mike Austin said...

I saw this on my satellite tv guide, and kept scrolling past. There are actual women's football leagues in the US, fortunately, but of course they don't get air time on cable tv.

Samantha Brennan said...

There is also Prom Dress Rugby, mostly done by women's rugby teams to support their sport and trash ridiculous dresses. I have to say though that I prefer this version of Prom Dress Rugby,