Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Graduate Study in the Philosophy of Sport

Philosophy of sport is alive and well, with numerous scholarly associations and individuals working in the field.  And yet for those who are interested in pursuing a graduate degree in the field, it can be difficult to ascertain where to go and who the potential graduate advisors/supervisors might be. After all, it's not like there are "Philosophy of Sport" departments, and many philosophers of sport aren't housed in philosophy departments. This can make the search difficult.

I asked this once a  couple of years ago, but am doing so again here for the sake of such potential students and for the sake of the field.  In the comments, tell us about philosophers of sport who work in graduate programs that are accepting students for this type of work. Thanks!

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Emily Ryall said...

I'm happy to supervise students wishing to do a research degree in the philosophy of sport. I've currently got a couple of students undertaking PhDs. We're also thinking about offering a taught Masters but this will depend on student numbers - so if anyone's interested let me know and watch this space.

Occasionally funding does come up to support students but this is becoming increasingly difficult to find as HE in the UK is further squeezed. But I will post any opportunities on this blog. Any student wishing to fund themselves might also be able to offset their fees with some undergraduate teaching.

If any student is interested then they can contact me on