Friday, September 21, 2012

The Philosophy of Running

See this link for an upcoming conference on the philosophy of running.

And see this link for a book (my book, couldn't resist) on this theme.

Here are some more details about the conference:

The University of Sheffield, in collaboration with the Open University and the Royal Institute of Philosophy, is organising two public events for philosophers and runners, and interested public, dedicated to an exploration of the philosophy of running.
Questions that will undoubtedly arise include, Why run? What sort of value does running have?  What might running tell us about intentions and effort? What is philosophically distinctive about running?
Each event will include talks by a couple of running philosophers (see who we are). And then a roundtable discussion with the great and the good from the running community (see the Sheffield Event and the Brighton Event).
The events are free.
… but it’d be good if you can register so we make sure we have enough coffee and cake.

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