Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ethics and the Beautiful Game at The Boot Room

I am a passionate soccer fan. I love to play, ref, coach, and watch the sport. I also am passionate about my job - being a philosopher. One of the great blessings of my life is to be able to combine these two things. And I think that at least some of us who are academics and benefit from the public trust invested in us should try to bridge the gap between our scholarship and public life.

To that end, I will begin regularly contributing to a new but quickly growing site devoted to soccer, The Boot Room, at http://tbrfootball.com/. My focus will be on ethical issues that arise in the game. My first piece explains why I, as an Arsenal fan, don't want the club to sign Luis Suarez: http://tbrfootball.com/no-to-suarez-at-arsenal/

Enjoy, and if you are so inclined comment at CLSoccer. I'd love to get an ethics discussion going over there!

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Robert Allen said...

Why was I able to watch my daughter's soccer match today in complete equanimity? No coach to yank her from the game because she rubbed him the wrong way, didn't have the skill set he favors, her parents didn't donate enough to his program or any other bad reason unrelated to her performance. If she had been taken out it would have been because she messed up in the eyes of her peers- and I would have been ok with that. Why are adults allowed to control the recreational activities of children? Why do they insist upon interfering with their play?