Friday, March 21, 2014

And another book... The Bloomsbury Companion to the Philosophy of Sport

Introduction, Cesar R. Torres

Part I: History and Development

  • A History of Philosophic Ideas about Sport, David Lunt and Mark Dyreson

Part II: Research Methodology

  • The Philosophy of Sport and Analytic Philosophy, Scott Kretchmar
  • The Philosophy of Sport and Continental Philosophy, Vegard Fusche Moe
  • The Philosophy of Sport, Eastern Philosophy and Pragmatism, Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza, Koyo Fukasawa and Mizuho Takemura

Part III: Current Research and Key Issues

  • Theories of Sport, Robert L. Simon
  • Fairness and Justice in Sport, Sigmund Loland
  • The Ethics of Enhancing Performance, Sarah Teetzel
  • Disability and Sport, Carwyn Jones
  • Sport, Risk and Danger, Leslie A. Howe
  • Sport and the Environment–Ecosophical and Metanoetical Intersections, Ron Welters
  • The Aesthetics of Sport, Stephen Mumford
  • Sporting Knowledge, Gunnar Breivik
  • Sport and Ideology, Lamartine P. DaCosta
  • Competitive Sport, Moral Development and Peace, J. S. Russell
  • Sport, Spirituality and Religion,Simon Robinson
  • Sport and Violence, Danny Rosenberg

Part IV: Future Developments

  • Sport and Technological Development, Alun Hardman
  • Conceivable Horizons of Equality in Sport, Pam R. Sailors
  • ‘Spoiled Sports’: Markets and the Corruption of Sport,William J. Morgan
  • Sport Philosophy around the World, Peter M. Hopsicker and IvoJirásek

Part V: Glossary of Key Terms and Concepts

Part VI: Resources and Careers

  • Resource Guide, Emily Ryall
  • Careers, Charlene Weaving

Part VII: The Literature

  • The Sport Philosophy Literature: Foundations, Evolutions and Annotations, Tim Elcombe, Douglas Hochstetler and Douglas W. McLaughlin

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