Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Still Another Book: Philosophy, Sport and Education: International Perspectives


Emanuele Isidori, Francisco Javier López Frías, Arno Müller 7

Sport, Education and Peace
Lev Kreft 13

Sport, Education, and the Meaning of Victory
Heather L. Reid 33

Sport and the Quest for Meaningful and Lifelong Learning
Jesús Ilundáin-Agurruza 43

Agonistic Education and Sports: A Philosophical Approach
Yunus Tuncel 71

Giving Formalism a Fair Trial through Pedagogy
Francisco Javier López Frías 89

Derrida’s Concept about Doping and its Implications for Sport Education
Emanuele Isidori 103

What Can Doping in Sport Teach Students about Ethics
John Gleaves 119

Contributors 127


Emily Ryall said...

Do you know where we can get this book from - a quick Google search turns up nothing and I can't see who the publisher is?


Mike Austin said...

I asked, and was given this link: