The Sport and Christianity Bulletin is an initiative that grew out of the recognition that the field of Sports and Christianity has grown exponentially during the last decade. While there are many clusters of academics, clergy, and practitioners involved in research and practice in the sports and Christianity field, there are few resources devoted to providing a central space in which all of these stakeholders can collaborate. The forthcoming Inaugural Global Congress on Christianity and Sports (August, 24-28, 2016, York St John University, UK, see is an important occasion for fostering this kind of interaction, and it is in this spirit that this blog seeks to realize a similar vision. Toward this end, the Sport and Christianity Bulletin exists as an online forum for academics, clergy, and practitioners interested in the field of Christianity and Sport.
The Sport and Christianity Bulletin will publish short blog essays on issues and topics within Christianity and Sports, seeking to provoke ideas for research and practical initiatives as well as foster a dialogue that is inclusive and representative of the global diversity of Christianity and sports.